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The trademark is a distinctive sign, the identity card of your business: it summarizes your story, it’s the way in which
customers recognize you and identify you, distinguish your products from competitors, enclose your values ​​and evoke a
lifestyle in the public imagination. The trademark is the hallmark of the company, intended to indicate the origin
of the products or services offered and to represent the “symbol” that summarizes the specific characteristics of
the company. The services offered in relation to the Trademarks, also include the Designations of Origin and
Geographical Indications; these services are:

  • Searches of trademarks filed in Italy and in the world carried out since the conception of a new product, opinions on the interference with previous distinctive signs.
  • Filing of collective trademarks (including DOP, IGP, STG, DOC, COCG, ICT) in Italy and worldwide.
  • Deposit and assistance in the filing and registration of trademarks in the world.
  • Assistance during the examination of the registration requirements of a brand in Italy and abroad.
  • Administrative oppositions against the granting of trademarks of others.
  • Checking deadlines and sending related notifications.
  • Assistance in contracts for use of the trademark or trademark license, franchising.
  • Sale and transfer of trademark rights. Pro-veritate opinions or the interference between trademark rights.
  • Search for brands of the main competitors.
  • Legal assistance in judicial or extrajudicial disputes or at the Grand Jury of advertising.
  • Economic assessment of brands.
  • Transcripts and annotations of documents in Italy and abroad that modify the ownership of the trademark.
  • Franchising.