Patent of invention




If it is not properly protected, your idea is likely to be copied, counterfeited and decreased in value. The patent allows you to customize and use your invention in an exclusive way, guarantees a creative boost to your company, strengthens your research and development, ensures visibility and a competitive advantage on the market, attracts funding and determines your success. The filing and obtaining of a patent or a utility model, represent the fundamental step to assure the owner the right to prohibit the unauthorized reproduction and exploitation of the invention. The services offered as advice to the client, on patents and utility models, are:

  • Evaluation of patentability.
  • Study, drafting and filing of Italian, European or international PCT patent applications at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office or the World Property Organization.
  • Filing of patents for industrial inventions and utility models in all commercially relevant countries, through a consolidated network of correspondents.
  • Assistance in the examination procedures in order to obtain the granting of a patent.
  • Customer assistance in opposition procedures, both active and passive, following the granting of a patent.
  • Continuation through national and / or regional routes of international applications (PCT).
  • Research on inventions, by name and / or subject.
  • The research may be aimed at identifying the following: list of patent rights by an inventor and / or a holder; life status; validity; any comparable earlier documents; the state of the art at a certain date and relative to a certain subject.
  • Finding patent documents and related procedures.
  • Continuous or periodic surveillance, by name and / or subject.