Finance your Business



If your business requires financial instruments at more advantageous conditions than market ones, to favor the development of new projects, the realization of new investments or the hiring of new staff, you can access the tools of facilitated regional, national and European finance. . Facilitated finance favors the development of the national business fabric, increasing the competitiveness of existing companies and the birth of new entrepreneurial realities, such as innovative start-ups and start-ups. The instruments range from subsidized loans to tax reliefs, from non-repayable contributions to credit guarantees, to investment risk capital instruments, which can be made available to companies by different parties and in different ways. To facilitate the launch and dissemination of new products and services with Italian brands, with Italian design or products subject to invention patents, you can access incentives for companies. Or participate in calls for funding to receive the right credit to achieve the objectives of the market or acquisition of new markets.


  • Business establishment services: Companies, Start-ups and innovative Start-ups Economic,
  • accounting and tax consultancy Business incentives,
  • facilitated finance and Regional, national and European credit projects
  • Business Plan, Market Analysis, technologies and the technological portfolio of competitors
  • Services for internationalization.  

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