A ‘unique idea: your own!

Our homes, offices, cities and free time live by Design and are built on designs. Design is the easiest and most practical
way to identify and protect your innovations. It is a business good, reward your creative efforts and lends itself as a
signature and guarantee in the field of industrial property. Designs and models are the appearance of a craft or
industrial product, a complex product or a part of it, packaging, packaging, packaging, presentations, graphic
symbols and typographic characters. The services offered in relation to Designs, Design Models and Ornamental
Models are:

  • Design researches filed in Italy and in the world;
  • Competition mapping; National,
  • Community and international design registration, ornamental models;
  • Assistance during the examination of the registration requirements of a Design in Italy and abroad. Checking
  • deadlines and sending related notifications.
  • Assistance in contracts of use of Design or Design license.
  • Sale and transfer of Design rights.
  • Design research of the main competitors.
  • Legal assistance in judicial or extrajudicial disputes.
  • Economic Evaluation of Design.
  • Transcriptions and annotations of documents in Italy and abroad that modify the ownership of the Design.
  • Services related to Food Design.