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If you created an original work of art, literature or science and gave it a concrete form (book, music, painting, sculpture, film, photography, dance, theater, software, App, Application, computer program, database , technical drawing, advertising …), you can protect it with copyright. The copyright protects the authorship of the work, its originality and integrity and guarantees the author an exclusive privilege of a personal and economic nature. Protecting intellectual works, respecting the rights of authors, curbing the phenomenon of piracy and counterfeiting, among other things, are vital topics of great relevance in social networks (Internet, Facebook, Twitter) and in e-commerce . Copyright is defined as the “natural right” that arises from the physical person, the author of the work at the very moment of the completion of the work itself. Concretely, it is essential to register the work, to be in a position to prove, in the event of any dispute, the ownership, authorship and date of creation or publication of the work to facilitate the protection of its copyright for artistic, photographic, editorial, audio, video, cinematographic and software creations. Services include:

  • International consultancy on copyright and software protection issues in foreign countries and on any necessary administrative procedures.
  • Consultancy regarding contractual relationships and employee job descriptions and on the protection of business secrets and industrial information.
  • Advice on the transfer of rights and for the drafting of specific sale or license contracts.
  • Consultancy in contractual matters and litigation.
  • Technical advice and opinions on counterfeiting or plagiarism.
  • Recipes subject to copyright.
  • Secret Recipes.