the value of ideas

If you want to start a new business, explore new markets, or improve the quality of a product, a company can use and directly exploit its trademark, invention patent, design or grant the right to use it, under license and in exchange for a royalty, to third parties. It is the so-called licensing, which offers greater incentives for new research and development actions, stimulates innovation and sales, facilitates the dissemination of technologies and promotes competition in the commercial circuit. Consulting and assistance services for the constitution of innovative companies, for the transfer of technologies, in contracts and licensing, and for the economic evaluation of trademarks, patents, designs and works subject to copyright are:

  • Advice and assistance in the transfer of technologies and industrial and intellectual property titles (trademarks, invention patents, design)
  • Sale contracts, sales contracts, licensing contracts, franchise agreements
  • Analysis of the patent portfolio and definition of appropriate strategies for a more effective exploitation of the same
  • Technical and legal assistance in the negotiation of technology transfer agreements and in the drafting of related agreements.


Your business is made up of people and intelligence, arms and ideas. A qualitative and quantitative assessment of its intangible and intellectual heritage (industrial property rights, knowledge and skills of employees, trust of customers, reliability of suppliers, brands and patents, information systems, administrative procedures …) is decisive to know its points of strength and weakness, its ability to innovate, to plan business strategies and to have a “credit” of image in the negotiation phases with lenders, lenders and industrial partners. In the valuation of company assets, intangible assets (intangible assets) are characterized by the economic value of the trademarks or patents of the invention. The services offered are:

  • Valorization and exploitation of intangible assets;
  • valuation of company assets, intangible assets (Trademarks, Design and Patents)
  • economic assessment of industrial and intellectual property rights; analysis of the market value in relation to the book values.